What is Velchanos?

We offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, with which you can compile accurate and reliable estimates of costs and specifications. With our help you will make software-based calculations in a few minutes that skilled specialists would need days for. This is both cost saving and customer-friendly and guarantees a competitive advantage. All you need is a CAD file, your costs for parts and tools and a favoured manufacturing technology. Each step is transparent and kept under your control.

VELCHANOS Calculator™

Quickly calculated estimates of costs are vital for business. Using the VELCHANOS Calculator allows you to compile cost estimates within minutes. This is both customer-friendly and guarantees a competitive advantage.


After the cost estimation comes the quality risks management. By using the VELCHANOS QManager you save time and minimize the effort. This allows you to pass on your offers with confidence and peace of mind.

VELCHANOS Marketplace™

A well-coordinated network allows you to keep up in a globalized world. VELCHANOS Marketplace brings tool manufacturers, material suppliers and service providers together. This ensures rapid and cost-efficient delivery and stabilizes production processes.


Optimized resource management

Your engineers are not longer stuck with quotations, your sales team with internal project management

Slashed process costs

The costs of your quotation process can be reduced by up to 90%.

Improved sales leadtime

A quotation today? No problem! A question in one hour? You'll manage!

Clear risk assessment

Imagine getting a good risk analysis! You can decide under which conditions to accept the order

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Guillaume Simler
Guillaume Simler

Guillaume Simler

CEO Velchanos
Matthias Herzog
Matthias Herzog

Matthias Herzog


I want to use Velchanos. What shall I do?

1. Use the contact form. We will come back to you soon

2. We will run a data analysis with you

3. We will integrate Velchanos in your processes

4. You will save time in your quotation and be able to focus on your customers and production


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